When Hurston Hill is threatened by a suspiciously powerful urban development firm, Miss l’Abielle steps up to protect her community with the help of a mysterious orphaned girl in this charming follow-up to “St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid,” which was published at reactormag.com and featured on LeVar Burton Reads.
published December 2023

The Music of the Siphorophenes

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction


An isolated small-craft charter pilot agrees to take a pop star into pirate-controlled space past the rings of Saturn for the chance to spot the majestic, mysterious space-faring aliens drifting among the lonely space between planets.

published March/April 2021

Finalist for an Ignyte 2022 award for Best Novelette

St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid


short story

All magical requests come with a price. A girl with witchcraft, no friends, and only her mother’s bees to confide in will pay whatever’s necessary to keep the girl she loves safe.

published February 2020

Available as audio narrated by LeVar Burton on LeVar Burton Reads